End User Training

Why Training?

Computers are complex tools, and like all complex tools they require time and study to be used properly.

A car would do you no good, if you didn't know how to drive it.

There is a lot more to know about using computers, than there is to driving a car.

Training is the fastest way for you to be able to stop wondering how to make your software work, and start getting work done with your software.

Training Pays

At Ergoface Consulting we understand training. We have invested countless hours learning the intricacies of office software, so you can benefit from our experience. A common response from many of our students is, "I wish I had gotten this training earlier. It would have saved me so much time."

We want to save you time, save you money, and most of all save you from the frustration of knowing the computer can do something, but not knowing how to make it do it.

Experience Matters

We started doing end-user training in 1991, back when WordPerfect 5.1 DOS was the core of our training business. The software and versions change, but our quality instructor led training remains the same. Our student evaluations over the years have averaged well over 9 on a 10 point scale, even after several thousand students have passed through our many classes.

We have been training since before there was any instructor certification. We now have all the Microsoft MOS expert certifications as well as Linux+, but our consistently high evaluations and students who keep coming back for more classes are the real testaments to our ability.


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