MySQL Database Development

Moving up to a closed source database will cost you

Data is important to your business, but should you have to pay twice just to have an enterprise class database?

When your needs outgrow the power of an end-user database like Access you need to move your data up to an enterprise class platform, but the cost increase can be quite shocking. It generally costs $15,000+ to move to a database by any of the big three (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM) database vendors. This can be quite painful when you are used to the costs of an end-user database (under $400). Not only that, but when you move up to a database server, that $15,000 only covers the cost of your license. You will still need to pay for the custom database development and frequently the dedicated database server hardware and software too. Not to mention hiring a qualified DBA.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database

MySQL is an open source database (that means that the source code is freely distributed) that offers the power and stability of an enterprise class database without the enterprise class price tag. MySQL is used by some of the biggest names in business around the world(click here for case studies). You can have this database for free, or for a much more reasonable license fee that isn't tied to the number of processors or servers you are going to run.

We can help

At Ergoface Consulting we have over nine years of experience creating custom database applications. We have been working with MySQL since 1991. We have created all types of applications, from tracking hazardous materials, to tracking orders and works of art. We can build your application to your specifications.

We can build your database and manage it for you. You can have someone else build your interface for your database (if you already have a web developer) or we can do it for you, either using Web forms, or using custom data access applications like MS-Access or Rekall.

If you have outgrown your current database, or need to create one of your own, you owe it to yourself to check out MySQL, and then contact us so that we can help get you started towards having a robust database solution for your company.

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