Custom Database Development

Data is the life blood of business

Data is everywhere: contacts, clients, projects, orders, inventory, employees, files, forms, the lists go on and on. Databases are all about controlling, managing and mining your data. There are many fine products on the market to help you run your business, but they all have one thing in common: they all want you to change your business processes to match their structure, sometimes radically.

A custom database allows you to take control, to get an application that is tailored to the unique way that you do business. A custom database can save you immense amounts of time and frustration compared with an off-the-shelf application that doesn't quite fit the way you do business.

At Ergoface Consulting we have over twelve years experience creating custom database applications to meet customer needs. We have created all types of applications, from tracking hazardous materials, to tracking orders and works of art. We can build your application to your specifications.

For small applications (less than 20 simultaneous users) we use Microsoft Access. For larger applications we use MS SQL Server or the most popular open-source database in the world MySQL, so you can get the best performance without the immense price. If you have an application which is small now, but can grow, we use a combination of both. We can also provide web interfaces so that all individual users need to access your database is an internet connection and a browser.

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